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Over the years, Bitopia Technology has successfully build up a portfolio of tested

and proven IT business solutions for our customers and business partners.


Feel free to contact us to find out how we can use technology

to improve your business processes and performance.

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Customised Solutions

​Every businesses has its own unique and specific needs. Many off-the-shelf IT solutions and products can cater to some of the requirements. However, it is often that businesses has specific and unique processes or operational functions that enable them to differentiate from their competitors.


This is where Bitopia Technology excels in building customised IT solutions to bring your businesses to the next level. We have helped numerous of our clients to digitalise their business processes and backend functions, thus elevating their productivity and streamlining their operations. ​

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Travel Management System

​Bitopia Technology is privileged to serve some of the major key names in the travel management industries. From integrating backend processes, to building applications to improve workflows, we have extensive experience in this space.

Post pandemic, the demand for both business and leisure travel is set to resume vigorously and it is even more imperative for travel management organisations to continue to digitalise their business to meet the ever increasing volume and needs.

  • Ticketing management.

  • Refund management.

  • Payment integration.

  • Portal Gateway

  • Cross border integration and reconciliation.

Fleet Management System

We developed Singapore’s first end-to-end car rental management system designed specifically for car rental businesses. AutoRentalHub (ARH) provides all the features to manage your car rental business from your mobile phone or laptop with ease.


Stop worrying about rising business costs as your vehicle fleet grows. ARH allows you to easily track and manage all rental transactions. You will be able to swiftly access rental contracts, invoices, extensions, payments, vehicle returns and many more.​

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Online Learning

e-Learning Platform

​Bitopia Technology developed a leading edge e-Learning platform with AI capability that has helped our clients ride the e-Learning wave. The platform features many key functions such as: 

  • SCORM enabled platform.

  • Integrated with TPG and payment gateways.

  • Student / Trainer module.

  • Course / Finance Management.

  • Full self admin module.

  • AI Interactive e-learning.

  • SaaS or standalone model.

 PropTech - Blockchain

Property valuation is a key process in the property transaction chain. The valuation report passes through numerous parties each with their respective roles and needs. We built the first of its kind - an Integrated Valuation Management System (i-VMS)​ - for our client who is the national body representing professional surveyors and valuers in Singapore.

  • Integrated VMS with smart property data.

  • Blockchain enabled transaction.

  • API gateway.

  • Document Trust Registry.

  • Dashboard & Reporting.

  • Integration with key agencies.

Door Delivery

e-Commerce Platform

​Our client wanted an online direct sourcing platform for groceries from overseas and with automated licensing clearance. Bitopia Technology meets the challenge by developing an end-to-end portal with integration to the various entities for consumer to order from source and receive at doorstep.

  • Online ordering platform

  • Cold chain

  • Loyalty program

  • Direct sourcing

  • Door-to-door delivery

  • Automated cross-border clearance

Business Continuity System

Business continuity management is a critical aspect of any organisation's business plan. Disruption, outages and pandemic can severely break a business operations and viability without proper risk assessment, planning and action.


Bitopia Technology has built comprehensive and robust business continuity management system for our clients who are leading player in their fields. 

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Business Meeting

e-Government System

​Government systems are typically complex and being public-facing most of the time, they requires additional attention to system uptime and security.  

We are a registered GeBiz partner with Government Supplier status and we are proud to have participated and developed various e-Government projects.

Social Media Analytics

Social media has dramatically changed the way we interact, engage and collaborate. All businesses use some form of social media in their strategy in some way or another.


However, the mountain of data and information collected will be useless without a proper framework and method to analyse and translate them into useful and strategic insights.


We have built numerous backend applications to help organisations make sense of their online information and how they can utilise and benefit from it.​

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Credit Card Purchase

Payment Gateway Integration

​Digital payment and transactions are no longer optional today. Businesses need to fully embrace and integrate both their frontend / backend processes with digital payment to stay relevant and competitive. 

We have wealth of experience integrating all the various payment channels and medium in the industries for our clients. ​Let us know your needs and we will be glad to help you.

Customised Solutions
Travel Management System
Fleet Mgt System
Social Media
Payment Gateway